Sunday, May 25, 2008

cooleys garden

cooley's garden
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Cooleys Gardens was the first stop on my tour of gardens in the Willamette valley near Salem, OR. Everything is a little late this year and the gardens were not in full bloom. Plenty of beautiful irises were blooming. The weather turned from cloudy to sunny while I was there. The pleasant change in weather must have been because of those beautiful irises.
Cooleys Garden was founded in 1928 by Rholin and Pauline Cooley. The gardens are celebrating their 80 th year of existence.
Peak Bloom Festival May 17th to June 1nd, 2008. Free admission, Daily from 8am to 7pm. No pets are allowed. Cooley's Gardens is at 11553 Silverton Road NE, just outside of Silverton and nine miles east of Salem, Oregon's Capital.

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