Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Brooks garden

Brooks garden
Originally uploaded by Mary Anne Thygesen.
Brooks Gardens
An interesting garden down a winding gravel road. We made a wrong turn getting there. At the wrong farm we were greeted by dachshund guard dogs. We turned around and found the turn we had missed. My husband Bruce loved this garden he said that it was his kind of garden. The garden has over 200 varieties of peonies and 1000 varieties of bearded iris. Also a conifer Arboretum. I saw many interesting specimens of plants. Since it was near the other gardens it was worth the stop.
6219 Topaz Street NE Brooks, Oregon 97305 503.393.7999 exit 263 from I-5
2008 Bloom Season - OPEN Wednesdays Sundays from 10 am 6 pm.