Monday, May 26, 2008

Adelman peony gardens

adelman peony gardens
Originally uploaded by Mary Anne Thygesen.

The first time that I found this garden it was serendipity. The last time I was there again the same thing, I didn’t know we were on the road that it is on until we drove past it. We came from a different direction than I usually go to get there. It was the second stop on my tour of gardens in bloom in the Willamette valley near Salem, Oregon. I adore their peonies. I have bought several peonies from them over the years.
5690 Brooklake Rd NE Brooks, OR 97305 1½ miles east of I-5 exit 263. There is a light at the crossroad 99E and Brooklane

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workhard said...

They look lovely.. and stand out...

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