Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kathy Mattea at the Oregon Zoo

I really enjoyed the performance that Kathy Mattea gave last night at the Zoo. The harmonies and instrumentation were tight and wonderful to listen to. Her songs told stories, many of them sad. Kathy is excellent at engaging her audience. She got the dancers up front all to move in the same direction. It was fun watching the dancers sway to the music. I enjoyed her concert.

I was disappointed with the new rules for the concerts. You can not bring in any beverages to the Zoo. That means no water bottles or juice boxes. You can bring in containers to put water into. There are big orange jugs of water near the concert lawn. The concert lawn doesn’t open until 5 pm, not 4pm. If you get there before 5 pm you stand in a hot long line with out any water. They check your tickets twice, once when you go into the zoo and again when you get to the concert lawn. There is stroller parking.

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