Monday, June 9, 2008

courting RosieRose Festival 2008

courting Rosie
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I had a great time going to Rose Festival events this year. After a cool spring my roses bloomed just for the festival. I enjoyed watching the Starlight parade. It was fun to see the runners go by in the Starlight run. One of the runners dressed as a ghost from Pac-Man got way ahead of Pac-Man and the rest of the ghosts. There was no way that Pac-Man would catch that ghost. The parade had a large number of bands including the one more time around band and the Last Regiment syncopated drummers. I have loved syncopated cadences ever since I was in drum and bugle corps and marched to the cadences. Pear’s float was the prettiest float. Daimler trucks had the most impressive trucks.
It didn’t rain on the Grand Floral parade. It was just cool and cloudy. I liked George Morlan’s purple elephant taking a bubble bath. Battle Ground’s purple ballerina hippo being held up by groaning frogs brought a smile to my face. To round out the floats there were lots of horses. It looks like every county around has a rodeo. Again the one more time around band stole the show. The Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers led the rose parade walkers. Good cadences to walk to.

Yesterday I went down the waterfront to take pictures of the floats lined up along Naito Parkway. The weather was nice and sunny Sunday after a cool Saturday. I wanted to get a better look at the purple hippo and the purple elephant. Today they are packing everything up. The ships are leaving and the 101 Rose Festival is over for another year. See you next year.

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