Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Springwater Corridor bike path

Recently on nice sunny morning we went for a bike ride on the Springwater corridor. We parked at the Johnson Creek trail head, SE Johnson Creek Blvd and SE 45th. At that location there is a parking lot and bathroom. The path is separated from traffic. The path is part of the 40 mile loop following Johnson creek most of the way. We went west from the parking lot over the new bridge that goes over 99E McLaughlin Blvd. We turned around when we got to surface streets. That section thru SE still doesn’t have a separate path connecting it to Oaks Bottom Park. Going East we went to Bell station. Very often the Springwater path crosses surfaces streets. There are lights at some of the crossings like SE 122nd. I like riding on the Springwater Corridor. I see lots of interesting things, a wide variety of birds, and families strolling along. I have found memories of playing in the Tideman Johnson nature park. Paved trails go from Springwater path and loop thru the nature park.

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