Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hug Point Oregon State Park

hug point
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September is a great time to visit the Oregon coast. The weather is often clear and sunny with great sunsets. Recently we spent the afternoon at Hug Point a way side off Highway 101 just south of Cannon Beach. The park is named hug point because the stage coach trail that you can still see hugged the point as it went around. Know the tides before you go there, stop and get a tide table. High tide cuts off access to the caves on the other side of the point. Too many people get stranded at high tide. Fires are allowed on the beach. Bring your own fire wood and make a fire ring. Do not make a fire in the drift wood piles. When setting up your spot on the beach note the high tide line. A line of kelp and other debris is a good indicator of the high tide line. We watched high tide move surprised people back up the beach. The tide flooded blankets, tents and fires. Every tenth wave is a sneaker wave coming in stronger and higher. I have included practical advice because this is such a beautiful beach and I don’t want you experience ruined by high tide. Enjoy the view of rocks off shore, the caves where pirates treasure is rumored to be hidden, and the pretty waterfall. My Grandpa Lauren crashed his boat on of the rocks off the coast there. My sister Teresa and brother Joe were in a Bumble Bee commercial filmed at hug point.

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