Saturday, December 15, 2007

Zoo lights

Originally uploaded by Mary Anne Thygesen.

It is the 20th year of Zoo lights. We went to see the lights last night. It was a cold dry night. Lots of families were there enjoying the zoo all lit up. The lines were long for the train which is an extra fee in addition to zoo admission. The train ride has light display that can only be seen from the train, like dinosaurs. It was delightful looking out from the ramp at all the lights all over the zoo. I saw old favorites like the giraffe putting a heart on a tree. The zoo keeps adding to the light displays. I laughed at the crocs on the lawn. It was fun to see parents taking pictures of their kids in front of the gingerbread house. Everything is covered with lights at

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Pam Aries said...

Thank you so much for sharing !I am so happy to see all the goings on in