Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tulip Festival 2007

purple tulips
Originally uploaded by Mary Anne Thygesen.

We went to the Wooden Shoe farm for the last day of the Tulip Festival. It turned into a nice afternoon, it stopped raining, the sun came out and the clouds were big fluffy white against a blue sky. There wasn’t much mud and plenty of crushed hazel nuts to walk on. The tulips were gorgeous. I saw plenty of food booths selling fair type foods. I saw lots of children having fun. The cow trains are barrels painted like cows pulled by a John Deere Gator. There were duckie races, a tube slide, and horse swings. In all it was a great day. The gift shop stays open until Mother’s day. Do not forget to order your bulbs. The bulbs that I have bought from them are beautiful in my yard. 33814 S Meridian Rd, Woodburn, OR www.woodenshoe.com

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