Friday, April 20, 2007

Japanese Garden

Antique Gate
Originally uploaded by Mary Anne Thygesen.
Japanese Garden

One of my favorite places to go is the Japanese Garden. It is a beautiful peaceful place in all seasons. I like to go there to draw and take pictures. This time of year it is fun to stop in and wander around looking for signs of spring. The garden has awakened from winter. The camellias are finishing blooming and the azaleas are just starting to bloom. The Japanese maples have leafed out. I stop on the moon bridge and look out over the pond. The light dances like diamonds on the water. The willow tree leans into the water. The koi are very friendly playing under the heavenly falls in the lower strolling pond. The garden is very hilly which gives it a great view of downtown and Mt Hood.
Japanese Garden 611 S.W. Kingston Ave. Portland, Oregon 97205
Summer Season: April 1–September 30, Tuesday–Sunday: 10am–7pm, Monday: 12pm–7pm Winter Season: October 1–March 31, Tuesday–Sunday: 10am–4pm, Monday: 12pm–4pm, Shuttle from parking lot runs every day; Admission $8

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