Friday, July 17, 2009

Star Trek in the Park

This is a free play in performed in Woodlawn Park Amphitheater on the corner of North East 13 and Dekum Street. The play starts at 5 pm, when the day starts to cool down. Performances are Saturday July 18, Sunday July 19 and Saturday July 25 and Saturday July 26, 2009. The cost is free, but please donate to the troupe.

This year the Atomic Arts troupe is performing Amok Time where Spock has a mysterious health problem and he must go to Vulcan. The actors did a great job with this play, enthralling the audience. The fight scenes where realistic and fun to watch. The suspense kept me on the edge on my lawn chair. The costuming was true to form. The sets fun and believable. If I have time I will go see it again.

Live long and prosper.

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