Monday, February 25, 2008

Sauvie island wildlife area Hike

Sunday was another beautiful day with magnificent clouds dotting the sky. We went for a hike in the Sauvie Island Wildlife area. When we got to the gravel parking lot I was pleased to find a port a pot with lots of toilet paper. We hiked along the beach and followed the road when we ran out of beach. The beach had a clear view of Mt St Helens having a steam eruption. Birds are abundant. We saw Bald Eagles, black cormorants, and white egrets. This is one of the few bird areas where dogs are allowed. Just remember to keep your dog on a leash. Until April 15 stay on the beach side of the fence. The fence is posted no admittance without a valid hunting license until April 15. You have to have a parking permit to park on Sauvie Island. It is $3.50 per day or currently $11 for the annual permit. Parking passes are available at the store that is at the base of the bridge. Take hwy 30 to the Sauvie Island bridge, go over the bridge turn left onto Sauvie Island road, stop at the store to get your parking permit, head north until you get to Reeder road, turn right, go past the school until you get to the far side of the island, continue down Reeder road past the clothing optional beach until you get to a gravel turn around and parking lot.

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