Friday, August 17, 2007

Summer night movies

Summer is a great time to watch movies outdoors. The lack of drive in movies is made up by putting up screens in the parks. Friday night August 17th you can choose from Flicks on the Bricks at Pioneer Court house square. They will be showing Stand by Me at dusk. Pioneer Court House Square is located at SW 6th and Morrison downtown.

Big Screen on the Green is showing Raiders of the Lost Ark at dusk in Laurelhurst Park. SE 39th and Stark st.

The rest of the Big Screen on the Green movies:

18 August Saturday Hazeltine Park Madagascar

24 August Friday Brentwood Park Happy Feet

25 August Saturday Sellwood Park Shrek 2

31 August Friday Brooklyn Park Blades of Glory

7 September Friday Lents Park Stomp the Yard

8 September Saturday Dickinson Park Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

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Mary Anne said...

The movies have been a lot of fun. Last night it was fun to see Happy feet in Brentwood park. The park is a large open one with the stars easy to see.